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Improve patient experience
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Access medical information
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Reduce anxiety and get actionable recommendations
Timely care and prevent serious illness


FindZebra’s technology is spun out of Technical University of Denmark. Technical founder, Professor Ole Winther, is actively researching in augmented intelligence, machine learning, and health dialog systems. The strength of the technology is the ability to:

  1. index and sort vast amounts of information and data,
  2. train algorithms to see patterns in symptoms and signs towards diagnosis and triage, and
  3. use applied statistics to predict disease development.


FindZebra has a multidisciplinary team based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We work to help people live long, happy lives. FindZebra is selling commercial products to healthcare providers to help put the patient in the center and deliver better diagnosis services.

Our company is developing ‘self-driving abilities’ to apply augmented intelligence into healthcare and become patients’ trusted healthcare assistant in the future.