Primary Cutaneous Amyloidosis


Primary cutaneous amyloidosis is a form of amyloidosis associated with oncostatin M receptor. This type of amyloidosis has been divided into the following types::520

  • Macular amyloidosis is a cutaneous condition characterized by itchy, brown, rippled macules usually located on the interscapular region of the back.:521 Combined cases of lichen and macular amyloidosis are termed biphasic amyloidosis, and provide support to the theory that these two variants of amyloidosis exist on the same disease spectrum.
  • Lichen amyloidosis is a cutaneous condition characterized by the appearance of occasionally itchy lichenoid papules, typically appearing bilaterally on the shins.:521
  • Nodular amyloidosis is a rare cutaneous condition characterized by nodules that involve the acral areas.:521

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