FindZebra has rapidly become an integrated part of our diagnostic set up for rare diseases. FindZebra is undoubtly one of the fastest and most reliable ways to link clinical symptoms to causal genes

We have numerous examples of patients with rare and unknown syndromes where FindZebra has led us to a diagnosis, by associating symptoms to rare mutations identified by whole exome sequencing.
Finn Cilius Nielsen (MD) Center for Genomic Medicine, National Hospital of Denmark.
Findzebra is a very useful and helpful tool in our multidisciplinary Brigham Genomic Medicine Program. Our clinical team uses FindZebra as one of the tools to diagnose rare Mendelian disorders by linking between symptoms and diseases. Our computational and research team uses FindZebra to gather more evidence for causality on gene level for novel genes discovered by our computational analysis of genomic sequencing data.
Dana Vuzman (PhD) Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School. Associate Director, Brigham Genomic Medicine Program (BGMP)
I'm 33 years old and I have been sick since I was born. I've seen endless consultants who have all been at a complete loss as to what I have. I've been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis, Youngs syndrome, and cystic fibrosis, but were all proved negative. Then I saw your site in the Guardian and tried it and after tweaking the symptoms it came up with mastocytosis, which has since been confirmed. I am now on the right treatment and feeling a thousand times better.
Thank you, without your site I would still be lost.
Robert Patient from United Kingdom.