FindZebra in press

A powerful new search engine designed to help diagnose rare diseases could prove a boon for both medics and the public.

MIT Technology Review: The Rare Disease Search Engine That Outperforms Google

Danish researchers have unveiled a free site called "FindZebra" in an effort to give doctors a new weapon to deal with tricky medical cases.

The Times: Online 'doctor' can diagnose rare illnesses

FindZebra is designed to look through a number of selected databases of rare diseases, meaning searches that could take hours if done manually take seconds.

The Telegraph: New search engine means doctors don't need Google to find rare diseases

Most of us have had occasion to consult Dr Google. Rather than waste a GP's time with your embarrassing worries, just type your symptoms into a search engine, hit return and terrify yourself with the results. [...] I'm no doctor, and for that reason I recommend FindZebra unreservedly.

The Guardian: FindZebra diagnoses rare diseases – how will it interpret my 'symptoms'?

Frustrated patients and doctors can also turn to FindZebra, a recently launched search engine for rare diseases.

New Scientist: Crowd diagnosis could spot rare diseases doctors miss

[S]earch engines such as Google are not designed to help a physician weed out possibilities behind an obscure set of symptoms [...] To fill this gap, researchers from Denmark built a new search engine dedicated to rare diseases called FindZebra. This New Search Engine Helps Doctors Diagnose Rare, Obscure Diseases

[...] may be the answer to helping physicians correctly diagnose diseases that are often misdiagnosed, can take years to identify.

Search Engine Land: Search Engine Designed By Denmark Researchers Helps Medics Diagnose Rare Diseases

[D]octors are well advised to initially see common symptoms as evidence of common maladies, which is all well and good until the patient happens to be suffering from a rare disease. It is for the latter circumstance that researchers at the Technical University of Denmark are developing a specialized search engine called FindZebra.

NetworkWorld: Medical search engine said to find ‘zebras’ better than Google

[A]s many patients with rare diseases know, using conventional Internet search engines to diagnose a condition that occurs in less than 1 in 2000 of the population can prove tricky. So a group of European researchers developed an alternative [...]

Scope: New search engine designed to help physicians and the public in diagnosing rare diseases

Find Zebra offers an innovative approach to search. Although its focus is firmly aimed at healthcare professionals, it reflects a growing trend of health IT companies that are increasingly developing more sophisticated search tools, particularly for patient information reference tools. Innovative startup’s rare disease search engine could accelerate diagnoses

This search engine is exciting. Obviously, there is still a lot of work that needs to go into Find Zebra as it just launched, but the researchers who created this search engine should be applauded. is a novel idea and I certainly think it can be used by Physicians if they are having difficulty with a patient’s diagnosis. The diagnoses listed by FindZebra can help Physicians expand their differentials and could help shorten the time a rare disease goes undiagnosed.

iMedicalApps: An exciting search engine that helps diagnose rare medical diseases, called Find Zebra

FindZebra, the new search engine on the block, will replace time spent flipping through books and endlessly searching the net for answers with a simple database system specializing in rare and genetic diseases.

University Post: New medical search engine - made by lecturer

Get ready to zebra your symptoms.

The New Zealand Herald: FIND THE ZEBRA

Das ist eine außergewöhnliche Suchmaschine, die bei der Suche nach Krankheiten hilft. Findzebra soll in medizinischen Belangen weitaus besser funktionieren als Google und auch bei ungewöhnlichen Symptomen die richtige Diagnose liefern.

Radio Österreich 1: Digital Leben

[W]e believe that this project has the potential to change the efficiency in which clinicians diagnose patient with rare disease. It still has a long way to go to get there but we are cautiously optimistic this team from the Technical University of Denmark can pull it off.

Rare Disease Report: The Little Rare Disease Search Engine That Could

[S]earched “purple urine,” which is a common symptom of a group of orphan conditions called Porphyrias. On Google, Porphyria doesn't appear on the first three pages of the results, but for FindZebra it’s the second choice, with Acute Intermittent Porphyria showing as the seventh and eighth results. [...] It will be interesting to see how FindZebra evolves and if it gains wide adoption among healthcare professionals and patients. I know I’ll be using it. Will you?

SirenSong: FindZebra: Rare Disease Search Engine

FindZebra is not the only promising disease search technology, more of which I’ll try to feature soon. But it is the only one currently narrowly focused on the rare disease problem. To the millions of rare disease or undiagnosed disease sufferers, this is bound to be a welcome – and watchworthy – addition.


A team in Denmark has developed a powerful new search engine dedicated to finding well-sourced online information about rare diseases. In an evaluation study FindZebra outperformed Google, making the case for specialized search engines for specialized tasks.

Medical News Today: Introducing FindZebra; A Specialized Search Engine For Rare Diseases

Редкими (орфанными) заболеваниями называют болезни, которые затрагивают наименьшую часть населения. [...] В России редким считается заболевание, если им болеет один человек на десять тысяч. Поисковик редких диагнозов обошел по эффективности поиска Google

طور باحثون من الدانمارك محرك بحث جديدا يهدف إلى وقف اعتماد الأطباء على البحث المتقدم من خلال غوغل عندما يحاولون تشخيص الأمراض النادرة.

AlJazeera: محرك بحث طبي جديد

One of the biggest differences between the results produced by Google and FindZebra is the ease of reading and assessment. The FindZebra system shows the detailed result, with the disease in the title, alongside the initial search results and highlights relevant information making it easier to quickly scan for relevance and compatibility

BHD Foundation: FindZebra: a specialised search engine for rare diseases

A great site highlighting some of the wonderfulness that can be achieved by getting enthusiastic techies interested in improving healthcare

TechTool Thursday LITFL: TechTool Thursday 051 FindZebra